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Natale Verga

Natale Verga Natale Verga Natale Verga Natale Verga Natale Verga Natale Verga Natale Verga Natale Verga

About the project

Active in the winemaking sector since 1895, Casa Vinicola Natale Verga has been inextricably linked for five generations to the Italian tradition for quality in large-scale retail through the many brands and private labels present today in over 30 countries. The company is constantly evolving to embrace market trends and to meet the needs of national and international markets.
Casa Vinicola Natale Verga has chosen Honegger’s professional expertise to design and create its stand for the Vinitaly fair; a space with attention to the smallest details, from the furnishings to the finishes, to convey the brand’s image in the best possible way to visitors using elegant and incisive communication.
Since 1967, Vinitaly has been supporting wine industry producers, actively contributing to the growth of the wine system, creating business opportunities in Italy and in the world, promoting occasions for networking between producers and professionals in the sector.
Vinitaly promotes the culture of wine 365 days a year through qualified training courses, valorises companies that invest into quality and exploits digital tools to help close distances between the continents. Vinitaly narrates the values underlying every single label: work, local areas, people and passion.